Nationally Recongized Massage Program In Australia

17 Mar

Nationally Recongized Massage Program In Australia

Today, body massage is not just a luxury treatment that rich people do as a leisure activity. Many consider it as an inevitable practice that everyone must do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The increasing demand for massage treatments has also given rise to many certification programs in it. In Australia, one can find institutes that offer massage programs in almost all states. One of the nationally recognized massage program and its key details are discussed below.

Diploma of Remedial Massage

This is one of the nationally recognized message courses that can help one start his/her career as a professional and licensed massage therapist. In this program, one will be exposed to most of the areas in massage therapy such as friction technique, compressive technique, percussion, temperature therapy, stretching therapy, etc. The total course fee can be about $7300 and the total duration of the course is 8 months. The course is offered by Australian Institute of Fitness.

The course can be attended in any of the five locations in Australia where the institute directly conducts it. The available course locations are Adelaide in South Australia, Brisbane in Queensland, Parramatta in New South Wales and Massage Training in Perth in Western Australia.

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